My food and wine path was never planned. I fell into this journey by accident and have loved every step. Way back when, I had a career in the Biotech industry and then in the Computer Engineering arena. I now smile, because when I was in Biochemistry lab as a college student they always warned us not to ingest any of the materials we were working with, but now I have entered the world of cooking where I must eat and taste another kind of science experiments.

My culinary career began in the late 80s teaching cooking classes in the San Diego area, interspersed with writing articles for the San Diego Union Tribune Food Section. Later, working with my mentor, cooking teacher and author Lily Loh, we co-wrote  my first article published in a major publication, Cooking Light.  I was fortunate to begin teaching for one of the best long-established schools in San Diego, Kitchen Witch Gourmet Shop and Cooking School in Encinitas, which led to opportunities at Great News! Cookware and Cooking School, Williams-Sonoma, and Gelson’s Market.

In 1999, when my husband and I moved to Billings, Montana, I traveled to teach for Sur La Table for a while. At first, I would choose to escape the cold of Montana in January to teach in Scottsdale or Los Angeles where it was warm. But then I fell in love all over again with cross-country skiing, a sport I picked up in college, and decided that I wanted to stay in Montana during the winter season. At first, the travel provided the needed city fix I thought I needed. Then my soul settled into Montana and it has found comfort here ever since. I no longer need to flee.

Upon returning from a Wine Writers’ Symposium in Napa about ten years ago, I started writing the Libations column for Magic Magazine, a local Lee Enterprises Publication. For eight years, I wrote about wine and spirits and about individuals involved in the business. I collected recipes from local bartenders for serious drinks and for ones with umbrellas. That opportunity ended which, has forced me to get Sip, Savor and Experience off the ground or rather into the digital space. Then Alder Yarrow at Vinography.com gave me the chance to write book reviews on wine books for his blog, which made me feel as though I needed a place where my voice could be heard and I could share some of my great discoveries in wine, food, and fun.

Sip, Savor and Experience was launched with the help and encouragement of Tamra Millikin, Kathy Mosdal O’Brien, Sean McDaniel, Terrie Chrones, Barb Andersen, Ann Clancy, and my husband Joe. These people shared their patience and impatience, which led me to stop talking about creating a website/blog and actually have one.