Here you can read my latest thoughts and musings on recent sips, savors and experiences. The content has been organized by these three core passions. If you’d like to read about all of the above, simply scroll down and read on. To narrow your focus to any of the three categories alone, please click on the respective topic of interest above or in the menu.



Lodi: Standing in the Sun

“Exquisite,” said the waitress with enthusiastic candor from behind the counter at Corner Scone Bakery in Lodi, California, when asked to describe the blueberry muffin sample she was setting out for tasting. This word resonated the spirit of my time in this flat... read more

The Gems of Summer

Christmas came to me this fall. The spirit of giving was extended by Mary Danly and Barbara Baresh of Danly Farms when they brought a “sleigh” filled with heirloom tomatoes – 23 different kinds to be exact, to my house for tasting. In my imagination I can liken... read more

Pancakes – Nostalgia

There’s no other breakfast food that is more nostalgic than pancakes for me. During my childhood, Aunt Jemima visited us on Sunday mornings when my father had the day off and Mom made us breakfast to celebrate a day of rest. Throughout the years, I will admit to... read more

Coffee – A Morning Prayer

The day is better when started with sips of caffeine. Though I grew up drinking tea, my years at college made me a coffee drinker. After graduating, I moved to Berkeley when Peet’s Coffee was making its debut and here, after being introduced to the ultimate brew, I... read more

Toast – Variety is the Spice of Life

I am constantly looking for new foods and flavors while my husband is a creature of habit and constant in his eating. My go-to food in the morning is usually a piece of multi-grain toast or English muffin. I keep a loaf of sliced bread or a package of English muffins... read more

Oatmeal – Fuel for the Day

The New Year really begins today. The whole first day provides for mental preparation to launch any new intentions. On this second day my want is to return to the way I was eating before the holidays. This desire should begin at breakfast. Breakfast is “breaking the... read more

Long Life Noodles – A Happy New Year

How amazing to begin again. A clean plate with new possibilities and flavors after taking our last swallows of holiday cookies and treats. Today the crumbled pieces of dollies and wax paper go into the garbage along with the last crumbs and dustings of festive... read more